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Manip Challenges + Stock Critique Event!
Manip Challenges on April 12th
8 stock pics + 2 hours time per challenge - get your creative juices flowing!
We're holding our Manip Challenges in the #ManipulatedReality chat room on Saturday, April 12th!
:pointr: Date: Saturday, April 12th 2008
:pointr: Time: The first Challenge starts at noon EST (i.e. New York time - that's 5pm London time, 6pm CET (Berlin, Rome, Paris time), for more time zones please look here: ) - there will be at least 3 challenges, each lasting 2 hours with breaks in between, so if you can't make the first one, just pop in later and join the fun! All times are daylight savings times already
:pointr: detailed rules & proceedings
:pointr: Prizes: the 1st place winner of each
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Photomanip Challenges - Stock, Entries and Winne
Thank you for participating in our Photomanip Challenges – they were once more a great event and we plan on holding more in the future. We don’t have a date, yet, but once we do, it will be announced at ManipulatedReality and of course also in the chat room #ManipulatedReality.
Now, for those of you who haven’t heard of this before, here are the rules of the game once more: For each challenge, 8 stock pictures are chosen and displayed in the topic of the roomYou have to use 2 of these 8 for a photomanipulation or digital mixed media* piece (in which photomanipulation is one of the media used); you can use other stock, tooEach challenge last 2 hoursAt the end of these 2 hours, there are 15 minutes left to upload the image to deviantArt (scraps or gallery) and send a note to the founder or operator specified in the room’s topicJudging is done by the founders and operat
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Contests Around dA and More! BiMonthly NewsLetter!
Giving some fresh ideas to create, contests are essential to creativity!
Here are somes that are flying around!
Want to advertize your contest?
Send me a note : "Contest Ad." including : link, title of the contest and deadline. Thanx.
And see if you can participate and/or help with any prizes donations!
Even a 'simple' journal feature is great for any contest holder!
= I update frequently this newsletter in my journal here : =

Current Contests
Don't forget the Yellow Story Contest! Made for the dA Loving Day (august 9th)
:heart: Yellow Love Story Contest :new:
By karemelancholia
Deadline : August 25th
View details here

115 contests are listed!
38 new!
All medias are representated!
** note : a :heart: has bee
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In Rome the event takes place in Autumn, where worshippers would form a luminous parade of torches & candles around the sacred dark waters of Lake Nemi,  Diana's Mirror.
:music: Dig if you will the picture...
It's the August Full Moon & a  long procession of twinkling lights
wind down what is now called Via Diana.
Hundred's of travellers between the north and south banks of the lake
are carried in small boats lit by lanterns.
Ferrying festive crowds back and forth across the lake, traveling to & from Diana's temple.
Now, it's known as the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
La Luna, rising high overhead, gazed down on the wayfaring people with the lights of their candles joining the light of the moon, dancing in reflection upon the surface of the water.
According to Plutarch, part of the ritual (before the procession)
is the washing of hair and dressing it with
:iconaegean-prince:Aegean-Prince 110 90
Photomanip Challenges July 22nd: Winners and Ent
Photomanip Challenges July 22nd ~ Winners, Entries & Stock ~
Greetings everyone!
I am overwhelmed by the great response we had on Sunday for the latest installment of the Photomanip Challenges that took place in #ManipulatedReality :w00t:
~ click here for detailed rules & proceedings ~
Prizes: the 1st place winner of each challenge receives a 3 month subscription + an exclusive stock pack from ro-stock!
Before we take a look at the entries, I would like to thank the dA stock community for producing such wonderful stock we can use not only in such events but also for our "usual" deviations :heart:
If you are a stock artist and would like to donate some exclusive stock as prizes for the next challenges, please contact kuschelirmel via note.
Another big thank you goes to the team of
:iconmanipulatedreality:ManipulatedReality 37 17
Lady of Nature Contest
The theme of the contest is Lady of Nature. I want to make this as unrestrictive as possible so the lady can be human or any fantasy female like fairies, elves, mermaids etc. The picture must have some elements of nature i.e. trees, ocean, flowers etc.
The contest runs from 22nd May 2007 to 1st September 2007
+ NOTE me TimeWizardStock with the link to your entry
+ Mention this contest in your deviation and link to this journal
+ Open to all types of visual art, sorry no literature.
+ The deviation must be NEW and submitted after the 22nd May!
+ Use at least ONE of my stock pictures, although bonus points can be earned for using more than one! You may use other stock as well but you must credit them and follow their rules
+ You can make up to three entries but they must use different stock
+ Nothing gory or too dark please
Bonus points:
+ Each entry will receive a percentage score (0 to 100)
+ Use on my model stock will receive a 5% bonus on top o
:icontimewizardstock:TimeWizardStock 25 3
The Anti-Cliche Contest
The Anti-Cliché Contest
"An anti-cliché is a literary device or figure of speech that twists the meaning or phrasing of a known cliché. Although not named as such by literary critics, many writers, comedians, and poets have made use of the anti-cliché to provide a memorable and often ironic phrase, line, or passage."
~ from wikipedia ~
As many of you know, there is a persistent rumour that photomanipulatorsalways use a girl as the centre of attention, preferably in a beach settinglove to use cloudy/stormy skies, held in monochromatic blueare obsessed with different kinds of skirtsadd sparkles for effectare fascinated by wingslike to put one texture over the whole picture, the more obvious the bettersmudge over everything to give the illusion of a hand painted detailuse a lonely tree as the main focus should there be no girl availablejust cut & paste and use filters to make the pictures matchlove to make things glow by using layer stylesuse
:iconkuschelirmel:kuschelirmel 220 95
Photomanip Challenges - Winners and Entries!
When we at #ManipulatedReality were planning this event, little did we know it would be such a success. The response was overwhelming: almost 50 entries for the first, almost 30 in the second and a little over 20 in the third and last challenge – you guys rock!
Because of this success, we have decided to run the Photomanip Challenges again in the future! We don’t have a date, yet, but once we do, it will be announced at ManipulatedReality and of course also in the chat room #ManipulatedReality.
Now, for those of you who haven’t heard of this before, here are the rules of the game once more: For each challenge, 8 stock pictures are chosen and displayed in the topic of the roomYou have to use 2 of these 8 for a photomanipulation or digital mixed media* piece (in which photomanipulation is one of the media used)
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#ManipulatedReality Alive and Kicking!
ManipulatedReality serves two purposes: #1 to inform you about everything going on with the chatroom #ManipulatedReality and 2# to inform you about what is going on here on deviantArt within the genres of Photomanipulation and (to a degree) Mixed Media.
:iconmanipulatedreality:ManipulatedReality 21 8
Mixed Media Contest!
DMchat is excited to present you with our biggest contest to date! The Operators of #DigitalMedia have been inspired by the new Mixed Media section of the Digital Art gallery, so we decided to hold a unique contest to celebrate it! We know you guys are tired of the normal contests everyone has, so we decided to put a little spin on this one which really highlights the idea of Mixed Media!
:bulletblue: Two or more artists must collaborate to create a mixed media artwork. This will hopefully give you all a chance to experiment with new styles and digital mediums!
:bulletblue: Any mix of digital mediums will be accepted as long as the work includes more than one medium. Mediums can include digital painting, 3d, vector art, photomanipulation, pixel art, digital photography, and anything else you can think of! Since we're allowing digital photography for this contest, this would be a great chance for photographers and stock artists to join in!
:star: <b>
:icondmchat:DMchat 44 16
Challenge Yourself! - #1 Collaborations
This photomanipulation feature is designed to show off ways to challenge yourself and possibly help you through times with artist's block. I hope this feature can show you one way or other to put more spice into your photo-manipulations!
One of the things you can do to spice up your manips is to try and do a collaboration with someone else.
1. Ask stock & resources artists, photographers or traditional artists for exclusive resources
You may choose to collaborate with a stock artist, photographer or even a traditional artist for example who can provide you with exclusive resources (in the last case, try to think about exclusive canvas textures and the like). That way you can get to work with special stock or resources that you couldn't have produced on your own. Just don't be shy to ask! If you ask nicely, all they can do in the end is say "no" and that's not the end of the world, now is it?
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Artist Relations Newsletter: May 27, 2007
:pointr: Director of Artist Relations

The purpose of Artist Relations is to strengthen the community spirit as well as network with fellow artists so that we may bring outside opportunities to you, and help you to hone your skills. The Gallery Directors are the first people you should go to regarding your galleries. They are the people you need to make gallery suggestions to, and ask questions about your specific genre, or seek knowledge from. They also act as your lifeline to the administration. They are here to support and listen, and I can tell you we've got incredibly talented, devoted and passionate people on this team, so get to know them!
:bulletgreen: Hot Topics cannot be unsubscribed from.  I'm constantly noted, harassed on my userpage or emailed by people screaming at me to remove them from my mailing list.  Hot topics are the administrations way of communicating important news about the community to you, the members of said
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Changes to the Submission Menu Design
The next time you attempt to submit a deviation to your gallery you will find that things look quite a bit different. Over the last few weeks we all here at deviantART have taken a long hard look at the submission process and how our deviants made use of the system.
After a lot of thought, redesign, and feedback from our core group of beta testers we are proud to present a new submission system format to all of you.
The first thing which we should try to make clear is that the changes which you see in the submission process are only changes to the submission process- the overall gallery structure has not changed and remains exactly as you remember it and you don’t need to worry about your old deviations being moved or edited..
The changes to the submission process are a direct result of us taking a good hard look at the old submission process and finding a few inconveniences. Anyone who has been here a while and used the submission process fairly regularly would have notice
:iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13 533 1,743



manipulation rocks
Favourite style of art: Photomanips & Mixed Media

Stock Critique Event - Log Pt3

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 20, 2008, 10:11 AM
This is the third and last part of the chat log from the Stock Critique Event held in #ManipulatedReality on April 19th 2008. The first part can be found here & the second here.

<kuschelirmel>  Our almost last stocker for today is stormsorceress :aww:

*  elandria can see this degrading into a large scale spanking session

*  stormsorceress was promoted to Asking by kuschelirmel

<elandria>  :wave:

<stormsorceress>  Hi, i was wondering whether you could critique this stock for me :…

I just wanted some advice on better use of the camera and basically anything you think would make it better.

<lockstock>  Hi hi!

<stormsorceress>  Hi!

<lindowyn-stock>  :wave:


please note that Stock-By-Crystal will be our last stocker to be critiqued - we'll open up the floor right after her</b>

<lindowyn-stock>  And then we will all fall into the basement.

<elandria>  Its a great shot, though a tiny bit soft on the focus

<lockstock>  This same shot, taken from about 5 more feet back and in landscape format.... Just so you'd get all of the ivy and the full structure.

<kuschelirmel>  stormsorceress: lets start with me telling you I love that you didn't shoot in bright sunlight - the shadows in this are wonderfully soft and really workable :nod:

<lockstock>  It's an awesome setting though.

<kuschelirmel>  lindowyn-stock: lol

<stormsorceress>  kuschelirmel: thanks...sunlight is such an awful thing to shoot in...

<lockstock>  I love the cool architecture and all the ivy

<elandria>  yer harsh sunlight is hell to work with

<cryingsorceress>  It's nice. The bright sky makes it kinda easy to cut out

<stormsorceress>  lockstock: really...that's grea to know..i never know which setting to use it on...i might have it on landscape somehwere

<stormsorceress>  Elandria: yeah i think could step up the quality....not so many shots though...i could try that?

<lockstock>  You could do a whole pack using this setting. Different framings, angles, etc. It's lovely!

<stormsorceress>  cryingsorceress: yeah that's what i thought. The joy of cloudy

<cryingsorceress>  :aww: I'd really love to see a night shot too

<stormsorceress>  lockstock: of this kind door thing?

<lockstock>  Yup.

<lindowyn-stock>  Something I noticed as an ongoing pattern with this type of stone (castles, monastaries, basements) is that it is very difficult for some reason for cameras to focus fully on it. Whether its because the leaves and the walls share the same value of grey, I don't know. Take your time and really focus when shooting this type of subject cause it's hard. You did well though!

<stormsorceress>  cryingsorceress: lol...night camera has a really long night-shot setting thing..(not very camera articulate)

<lindowyn-stock>  And like they said, very easy to cut out.

<elandria>  I agree with lockstock this would have been even better as portrait with a little more "surrounding" architecture

<stormsorceress>  lindowyn-stock: lol..yeah i know...(thanks)...everything seems to com out the same shade of rock grey....any ideas how to get a bit more contrast?

<elandria>  tripod is a musthave if you're going to try night stock

<elandria>  or low level light stock

<stormsorceress>  Elandria: a 30 taking's impossible to hold you hand steady....

<elandria>  yup

<elandria>  i just steal causticstocks lol

<stormsorceress>  Elandria: hahaha......yep i'll add it to my b-day list...

<elandria>  yer I think the best thing is to take tons of shots from different angles and to not worry about getting just one or 2 perfect ones

<stormsorceress>  is there a setting on cameras that would give more contrast?

<elandria>  caustic and I take about 250 - 300 shots at each location we go to

<lindowyn-stock>  I hate to say it, but I feel like some cameras simply can't handle it. To combat the "all one tone look" and bring out the darker bits, I often use the exposure compensation and stop down a few ticks.

<stormsorceress>  Elandria: yeah...from this shoot i took about 230.....most of them are awful...and look like

<stormsorceress>  lindowyn-stock: lol...yeah i was afraid that was the case...and short of distorting it in PS there's not much i can do right?

<elandria>  limitations of your camera is the only thing

<lindowyn-stock>  Here's where we can all appreciate the digital revolution and go "I am so glad I didn't have to pay to have these develooped"

<stormsorceress>  Elandria: lol...yeah i thought so

<elandria>  its just a case of working around them

<lindowyn-stock>  Develooped is like developed. But crazy.

<stormsorceress>  lindowyn-stock: pain...

<stormsorceress>  Elandria: yeah i guess....

*  lindowyn-stock goes to check stormsorceress's camera specs

<stormsorceress>  lindowyn-stock: lol...thanks..i am not very camera savvy...maybe that's my problem.

<elandria>  for focus you shoudl be able to focus to one side then move the camera to the right angle to get a sharper shot so long as you don't go completely astray and focus on something miles away lol

<elandria>  but you know caustic and I love the shots you put up, its just a case of working out how to use your camera to the best of its facilities

<stormsorceress>  Elandria: so what do you suggest? lol..awww...thanks.....yeah learn more about camera

<elandria>  and also trying to visdualise how manippers are going to use the stock in a background

<elandria>  visualise*

<lindowyn-stock>  It's important to remember that your camera is only reading shades of grey, so whatever there is in the picture you can find to meter on (or focus on with point and shoots) that is close to 18% gray, do it. If not, find the little +/- button on your camera, drop it down below the 0 line (less light= darker) and focus on a medium tone.

<stormsorceress>  Elandria: yeah...that's the problem...some shots are better than other in some

<elandria>  having a "stage" in the foreground or creating a "building block"

<lindowyn-stock>  I always say, shoot the stock

you</i> want to use.

<elandria>  don't try to do both in one shot, it just creates confusion

<stormsorceress>  lindowyn-stock: ok.....find the +/- button

*  lindowyn-stock looks for a tutorial

<stormsorceress>  Elandria: i get you...ahh...that's a great help.

<elandria>  yep you do manips too so you should have fairly good intuition about what kind of angles you'd use

<stormsorceress>  Elandria: yeah i draw on that a lot....i don't pull it off all the time...

<elandria>  that goes for all stock to be honest

<stormsorceress>  Elandria: lol......yep completely...

<elandria>  if you don't think you could use it yourself try another angle or "pose"

<lindowyn-stock>… This could either be useful or complete fail, stormsorceress. It looks good to me so far.

<stormsorceress>  Elandria: :nod:

<elandria>  the building may not be able to move, but you can, even if it means you crawling around on the ground to get a better shot :D

<kuschelirmel>  stormsorceress: angle wise, manippers like to have at least one shot straight up - but different perspectives like from the side a bit and perhaps shooting from the ground up can be useful too

<stormsorceress>  lindowyn-stock: thanks so much...i'll read it.....thanks in

<lindowyn-stock>  Angles are hot.

<elandria>  angles kick asss lol

<stormsorceress>  kuschelirmel: yeah i try to crouch down to take most of my that it's more in perspective

<lindowyn-stock>  Most people can fix the distortion caused by a wide angle lens in photoshop anyhow stormsorceress, so don't worry too hard about that.

<lockstock>  Still half an hour before "closing time"

<stock-by-crystal>  lol Smooth ;)

<lindowyn-stock>  :sing: Time for you to go home so finish your whiskey or beer...

<stormsorceress>  lindowyn-stock: thanks...for all your help! I'll definitely read that tut..

<elandria>  yup :nod: causticstock say s you know where he is for more architecture tips ;)

<stormsorceress>  Elandria: lol...i'll certainly poke him...:poke:

<elandria>  lol

<lindowyn-stock>  Any of you guys that want Photo 101 tips, do not be afraid to poke me by note, or sneak in ARstock sometime. Seriously. Is all good.

<elandria>  yuppers :nod: lindowyn-stock is the font of all cammy knowledge

*  kuschelirmel will poke lindowyn-stock until her ribs hurt :bucktooth:

<stormsorceress>  lindowyn-stock: is it alright that if i have any questions i can note you?

<cybergranny>  lol kuschelirmel

<stormsorceress>  lindowyn-stock: about the tut?

<kuschelirmel>  i wish id known that sooner lindowyn-stock

<elandria>  lol

<lindowyn-stock>  Yep.

<lindowyn-stock>  I have too many hobbies is all.

<elandria>  same goes for everyone though, nobody should be afraid to note other stockers to ask for help :nod:

<stormsorceress>  Elandria: lol...i seem to remember noting you and Caustic....ages ago for help....

<kuschelirmel>  Elandria: :#1: wheee!

<stormsorceress>  lindowyn-stock: lol....really? Is it a chatroom

<elandria>  lol yer and you'll never get rid of us lmao

<lindowyn-stock>  You know it now kuschelirmel! :lol:

<stormsorceress>  Elandria: i'd want to....

<lindowyn-stock>  Yes stormsorceress :D

<elandria>  lol

<lockstock>  *cough* next?


alright, lets move on to our last critique for the day - we'll unmute you all afterwards and hope to hear if this was helpful</b>

<lindowyn-stock>  Stockers love helping other stockers. Period.

<stormsorceress>  thanks for all the help guys! :hug:

*  stormsorceress was demoted to Stockers by kuschelirmel

*  stock-by-crystal was promoted to Asking by kuschelirmel

<stock-by-crystal>  Well hello everyone!

<kuschelirmel>  here we go Stock-By-Crystal :aww:

<elandria>  :wave:

<lockstock>  Thanks for waiting, Stock-By-Crystal

<stock-by-crystal>  Please be gentle, I already have cramps :giggle:

<lockstock>  LOL

<stock-by-crystal>  Hello everyone :aww: I was hoping to get critique on this Floating 2 by Stock-By-Crystal and maybe get some advice on better lighting tips. That seems to be my downfall when it comes to model stock.

<lockstock>  Impressive focus!

<cryingsorceress>  Oh wow. Action stock without blur!

<elandria>  I love dynamic shots like these

<stock-by-crystal>  I can't even begin to tell you how many times I jumped off that bed, only to get 2 good poses out of it, lol

<elandria>  lol

<elandria>  well the 2 you got are great

<elandria>  sharp easy to cut out, really useable

<cryingsorceress>  :nod: I love the sharpness.

<stock-by-crystal>  Half the time my hair was in my face or I looked like that guy from the Goonies :lol:

<lockstock>  :lol:

<cryingsorceress>  Even bigger res would be great too.

<lindowyn-stock>  Right off the bat, I can say thank goodness: I'm impressed that the harsh shadows normally incurred by an on camera flash are directly behind you, and thus made so much easier to cut out.

<elandria>  its a tiny bit grainy but i've seen and own much much worse :D

<lockstock>  Yeah, for a flash, it's not bad lighting at all.

*  elandria points @ lindowyn-stock for lighting 101 :lol:

<lockstock>  Yeah, I can't slam anyone for graininess

<cryingsorceress>  :lol:

*  elandria agrees with lockstock

<stock-by-crystal>  Unfortuatly, some of my other stuff turns out very grainy such as this… (Ignore the title, lol)

<stock-by-crystal>  :O huh?

*  lindowyn-stock is going to have to write up a low budget/commando lighting tutorial

<kuschelirmel>  Stock-By-Crystal: about the hair in the face, maybe try some more *whatarethosecalled?* to get the hair up there

<elandria>  I guess we'd all love a full set pro lighting however try… as well for some useful tips (personally I find some of the info a bit overwhelming since I am a lighting-tard lol

<stock-by-crystal>  kuschelirmel: Bobbypins?

<lindowyn-stock>  Bobby pins?

<kuschelirmel>  lindowyn-stock: i highly encourage you to do so!

<lockstock>  Yup, that's when you need better lighting.

<kuschelirmel>  Stock-By-Crystal: probably lol i'd need to get a dict ;)

*  lindowyn-stock collects lighting equipment instead of buying food. Do not do this, peeps.

<stock-by-crystal>  :giggle:

<lockstock>  Heck, just open the front door and drape a sheet over it and use the natural light.

<cryingsorceress>  you're crazy lindowyn-stock =p

<lindowyn-stock>  Confirmed, cryingsorceress.

<elandria>  again though all I'd say is don't be afraid to take a zillion shots with different lighting if you can do it, desk lamps etc are great for directional lighting so long as you can control the amount of shadowing

<lindowyn-stock>  Natural light is the best light there is. :nod:

<elandria>  just takes practice... and brain picking lol

<stock-by-crystal>  lockstock: Well my problem with natural light is I am a little... embaressed to do stock in front of my family, so I usually have to wait until late at night to do model stock.

<elandria>  or moving closer to people like lindowyn-stock :lol:

<lockstock>  An open garage can work too, if it's not junked up.

<lockstock>  Ah, understood.

<lindowyn-stock>   :foilnoid: by Helen-Baq

<elandria>  bah throw your family out the house!

<elandria>  :lol:

<stock-by-crystal>  :lol:

<cybergranny>  lol

<stock-by-crystal>  I would love nothing more than to kick their arses out :#1:

<lindowyn-stock>  Wait till they're out of town, then head out side?

<lindowyn-stock>  With some glorious, glorious sheets?

<kuschelirmel>  I have one of those construction lights, it was very cheap in the hardware store

<stock-by-crystal>  Well my mom is out of the house a lot during the day, its my sister. She doesn't have a job and she lazes about the house all day watching TV :|

<lockstock>  I have one of those too. Gets damned hot!

<kuschelirmel>  the bulb gets damn hot really fast, but its better than the inbuilt flash

<stock-by-crystal>  kuschelirmel: How cheap, I've been considering getting one :paranoid:

<kuschelirmel>  Stock-By-Crystal: i dont remember but like 10 euros or something, not much more

<stock-by-crystal>  Uhm... does anyone have a currency convertor handy? :lol:

<kuschelirmel>  well, i would use the current exchange rate lol

<kuschelirmel>  lets say 15 us dollars or less

<kuschelirmel>  probably much less

<elandria>  I have 2 big construction lights the issue is the light is very orange so you have to alter the white balance to compensate

<stock-by-crystal>  kuschelirmel: Yes bluem00n informed me :nod:


<elandria>  for currency conversion

<stock-by-crystal>  Elandria: Ah thanks :D

<elandria>  np :)

<kuschelirmel>  Elandria: :nod: it is orangy

<stock-by-crystal>  Oh crap, its saturday isn't it?


<elandria>  yer very I used them for my creamand green shoot and they are poo colours lol

*  lindowyn-stock ponders available bulbs, and whether GE made a natural light line for the construction lights... they might have...

<kuschelirmel>  but either use white balance or photoshop to compesate a bit and its way better than harsh light

<elandria>  UV lights/natural daylight thingy ones are great

<kuschelirmel>  Stock-By-Crystal: it is

<lindowyn-stock>  Diffuse light as much as possible without making it go away.

  Cause no light is good..</sub>

<stock-by-crystal>  Ah craptasticness...

<elandria>  but need for experimentation is a must I guess

<kuschelirmel>  Elandria: it always is for sure!

<elandria>  yup :D

<lockstock>  I use our white walls to bounce light rather than shine it directly on me.

<lindowyn-stock>   :furiousnod: by zikes

<lockstock>  Got any big windows?

<stock-by-crystal>  Oh yes

<elandria>  big windows are good :nod: I only have tiny victorian ones :S

<lockstock>  If you can open all the windows in one room, during mid morning, preferably, you can get some lovely light.

<elandria>  not to mention the force 10 gale says causticstock :lol:

<lockstock>  That's enough from the peanut gallery! :lol:

<elandria>  heheheheh

<stock-by-crystal>  :giggle:

<lindowyn-stock>  On to the almond gallery!

<stock-by-crystal>  How about walnuts?

<lockstock>  Buncha nuts.

<lindowyn-stock>  You know it. :nod:

<elandria>  you got that right lol

*  kuschelirmel has to get a quote out:

<stock-by-crystal>  &lt;--- Biggest nut of all :D

<kuschelirmel>  &lt;KevLewis&gt; they were talking about construction lighting for action shots but it is more important to throw a lot of light on the background to kill the shadows rather than use to light the subject

*  kevlewis was promoted to Helpers by kuschelirmel

<lindowyn-stock>  KevLewis is here! He should be speaking! :lol:

<stock-by-crystal>  Thats good advice :D

<kuschelirmel>  ;)

<lockstock>  Good point, Kev

<kuschelirmel>  thank god for the skype :bucktooth:

<elandria>  :nod:

<kevlewis>  ooo thank you :)

<kuschelirmel>  KevLewis: :hug:

<lindowyn-stock>  Skype is fairly awesome.

<kuschelirmel>  KevLewis: maybe you can throw in some tips :aww:

*  elandria eats tips for breakfast lunch and tea* is northern and from the UK deal with it :P

<kevlewis>  k kuschelirmel ty, you pasted my last one :) if the background is about 3 stops brighter than the subject it will kill the shadows

<lockstock>  LOL, everyone stare at Kev now

*  lindowyn-stock stares at Kev

*  kevlewis raises an eyebrow

<lindowyn-stock>  :D

<elandria>  :lol:

<lockstock>  Oo! He can raise one eyebrow! *jealous*

<elandria>  meh

<lindowyn-stock>  I know everyone out there just tried to raise one of their eyebrows.

<elandria>  :lmao:

<kuschelirmel>  3 stops? thats for the photo illiterate (like me ^^;)? KevLewis

<kevlewis>  lol

<lockstock>  Not me. I know I can't do it.

<stock-by-crystal>  lindowyn-stock: I didn't try, I did ;)

<lindowyn-stock>  I did too. :lol:

<stock-by-crystal>  I know how to do it, lol

<elandria>  :evillaugh:

<kevlewis>  kuschelirmel: make the background much brighter than the main subject

<lindowyn-stock>  Some people honestly can't.

<kuschelirmel>  KevLewis: :w00t:

<lindowyn-stock>  Like, I can't lick my nose... but we were talking lighting here...

<elandria>  so 1 light on model and one light behind on the bg

<elandria>  to negate harsh shadows

<kevlewis>  also with the construction lights, they tend to be very directional but a sheet could be used to diffuse the light making a diy softbox, just dont burn the house down

<lockstock>  Desk lamps are a poor stockers friend. Just tell mom and dad you need it for schoolwork!

<lindowyn-stock>  Very hot lights.

<elandria>  lol good ploy

<znow-white>  KevLewis: :hug:

<lindowyn-stock>  Construction, not desk.

<kevlewis>  hugs znow-white

<kuschelirmel>  lol

<stock-by-crystal>  lockstock: I tried to use a desk lamp once, up my furature is ill equipped to raise it high enough

<elandria>  construction lights and heavy costumes in a small room are a big nono from experience

<elandria>  yup :D

<kevlewis>  Elandria: I would try for two on the subject if you have them. One as a main light the second as a fillto reduce (but not remove) the shadows on the subject

<stock-by-crystal>  Or nuts :lol:


I'd like to suggest to open the floor now and have a little discussion - about what you thought about our little experiment - about lighting shots - about poses - about whatever :aww:</b>


don't be shy to poke the critiquers and others in here for advise :D</b>

~~~ The End ~~

As the log is long enough as it is, I cut off the little get together at the end. Any important links to tutorials or things like that will be in an extra journal.

The first Part of the log can be found here and the second here.


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